Finally Some Warm Weather



I made my friend who I was running with take these pictures for me… not the easiest task since the streets were the busiest I have seen them in a while.  Oh well, the weather today is great! As I’m sure those you in DC (and those of you anywhere else in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast know right now). It’s funny how after a spell of 20-something degree weather  50’s can feel like summer! Anyways here are some pictures of my run to Logan Circle/U-Street area this morning.  I like this route because even though there are TONS of people I get to look at more interesting things when I run. When I go on longer runs though this might not be ideal, but for now it works! Also, it’s funny how 50 degrees can feel like the desert when running (my long sleeve over shirt did not stay on me for long..). I also have found some other great blogs to help me through this journey. I particularly like this one. Though some of the videos are a little cliche, I like that I’m not the only one who needs a little inspiration to run once in a while!

Oh yeah.. I also saw some people walking on tightropes as I ran through Dupont Circle, too. If you  don’t look  took closely it looks like they’re walking on air!




  1. The weather this weekend has been amazing! It is exciting that you got to mix up your runs and go for a run outside this weekend rather than the treadmill, which in your past posts you’ve said you have been running on. Not being a lover of running myself I definitely think that keeping your mind occupied while you are running is a great tactic for getting through a run!

  2. Fun fact: The building you ran past at the top of the post is called The Cairo, and it’s one of the few buildings that’s taller than the Washington Monument in D.C. It was built in 1894 and used to be an old hotel. Today it’s a mixed apartment-condo complex and has one of the best views of D.C. on its rooftop.

  3. The best thing about running – it’s seeing those random things. You’re making me realize I’m so behind training for my half, which is in under eight weeks. Last week’s milage – TOTAL – at six. woooo.

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